Adventures In Liquara

Noble feuds and dark secrets

Two households, both alike in dignity,
In fair Liquara, where we lay our scene,
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.

Aboard the Content Not Found: scoundrels-hope, our heroes sailed into the port city of Seekan, home to the Seekan family. While there, they hoped to find answers to the questions Rye Longtooth had gained from the Xerans of Derioch.

Docking in the harbour, the heroes set out: Captain Tabran Tain, dread pirate; Rye Longtooth, fearsome catlord warrior; Brask Wainwright, beserker and Public Relations Officer of the Scoundrel’s Hope; and Kami, the Xeran telekinetic and the _Hope_’s second mate.

Inquiring after a powerful sage to answer the questions of Longtooth and provide some other services, these comrades were directed to the Seekan Manor, a large and expansive property in which resided the ruling nobles of the town. Approaching the compound, the heroes noticed that it contained a temple to Vax, god of pain, suffering and vengeance.

The master sage of the compound, Master Therin was able to offer some advice to the group, but asked a favour in return. He asked the party to help the eldest son of the Seekan family, Tiral. Apparently, the young man was sneaking off most days to an undisclosed location. The sage was unwilling to explain, but indicated that the boy’s life might be in danger.

Eager for adventure, the party decided to accept the hospitality of the Seekan mage and join the family for dinner. The family and the party were just about to commence the evening meal when a priest of Vax, Thaxal, came in. Though outwardly polite, the priest persisted in baiting Captain Tain and his crew.

That night, the heroes were engaged in discussion when they heard a slight noise from outside their quarters. They snuck out into the gardens, where they overheard a conversation between Guard Captain Van Trakt and Garret, the second son of the family. Garret and Van Trakt were conspiring to dispose of Tiran, the eldest son. The Captain suggested simply killing Tiran, but Garret quailed at the thought of killing his brother, and suggested instead paying the pirate the family had entertained to dinner to shanghai the boy. The conversation ended without a clear conclusion, and the party scattered rather than be discovered.

Concerned for Tiral’s safety (and the gold they were promised) the crew of the Hope woke early and staked out the house. The princeling rode into town, followed by the heroes. They followed Tiral into town, watched him enter a carpenter’s shop and waited for him to come out. When he was not forthcoming, Captain Tabran Tain went up to the shopkeeper and engaged him in conversation. Impressed by the sheer presence of the foremost pirate of the seas, the shopkeeper volunteered the information that Tiral entered the shop almost every day, before leaving out of another door.

Angered by their defeat at the hands of this boy, the majority of the party retreated to the Hope, where the next cargo was being loaded. Only Rye Longtooth remained in the city, under orders from Captain Tain to hide in the carpenter’s back room and follow Tiran the next day.

Longtooth did as suggested, and was able to follow Tiran to a gentlemans’ club, where the young noble appeared to be negotiating passage for someone. Rather than risk being spotted sneaking away, Rye bounded up to Tiran and offered the services of the Hope.

Tiran returned with Rye to Seekan, where the two went aboard the Hope and Tiran entered into negotiations with Captain Tain. Tiran’s goal was to get his sister Ginel out of Liquara and away to the elves of Seaguard. Despite Captain Tain’s protestations that the elves of Seaguard had fled generations ago, Tiran offered twelve thousand gold pieces if the Hope would transport Ginel to a specified cove just south of Seaguard and hand over Ginel and a magical identifying stone to the elves that would meet them. Tiran hinted that some terrible fate was due to befall Ginel, which was prompting this unusual action. After careful consideration, Captain Tain accepted the job. Refusing all offers to help him or other members of his family, Tiran left the ship and headed home.

Fortunately for Tiran, the crew of the Hope watched him leave, and noticed people on the crowded dock moving to pursue the young noble. Fearing for his safety, the crew of the Hope gave chase, and were able to save Tiran from certain death at the hands of his assailants. One of the attackers had been Guard Captain Van Trakt, who did not survive the melee.

Fearful of further attacks, the crew took the badly-wounded noble back to his mansion, where they found out that Ginel, now worth twelve thousand gold pieces, had been kidnapped…


It’s Tiral not Tiran but apart from that, BRAVO awesome story telling!


Adventures In Liquara
Mask Merlin

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